Things not to forget

Things not to forget

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21 amazingly clever hacks for fixing ruined clothes! www.cosmopolitan....

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Be more productive in the AM. #collegetips

How to win at life.

Like most other acne suffers, I believed that only benzyl peroxide could work, when really all it did was dry my skin out and make it worse. This natural body soap prove that is not true. My skin not only looks great now but it feels great too. I feel a lot more confident about wearing summer tops now. The acne on my back,shoulders and neck is completely gone.

Acne Body Soap Natural help for Pimples and Blemish Treatment

101 Ikea Hacks You’ll find DIY Ikea hacks for every room of your house from small drawer projects to built-ins! Check out these 101 ideas to help you create a beautiful home on a budget!

101 Ikea Hacks -


Doggie Language

10 affordable clothing website you didn't know about

10 affordable clothing websites you didn't know about! – SRTrends

My life will never be the same

What to watch on Netflix…

Dermatologist-approved DIYs to help save your skin after a sunburn

What Products to Use (and Avoid!) When You Get a Sunburn

This is your #10 Top Pin in the Vegan Community Board in December: metabolism boosting food. - 156 re-pins! (You voted with yor re-pins). Congratulations @Nathalie Benito Benito Vegan Brisebois !

The Lazy Girl's Couch Workout — It's Only 10 Minutes!

How to Pack for Paris: Make Up, Carry on, & Suitcase!

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Finally a way to get rid of pilling on your sweaters! Just in time for winter, run a plain razor over the pilling and watch your sweaters come back to life. Super helpful trick everyone needs to know about!

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This Is A Pretty Long List But You Will Find Useful Websites Life Hacks

Take a Sec To Check This Amazing List

Why is this not in my life?

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Indoor plants that clean indoor air. It is super easy to take care of these houseplants.

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Daily Infographic | A New Infographic Every Day | Data Visualization, Information Design and Infographics

12 Common Dream Themes [infographic]

Life hack

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 112 Pics

Best hack EVER!

1000 Life Hacks

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Projector for Less Than $5.00

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Projector for Less Than $5.00

Black light phone hack.

Black light phone hack.

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart. I never would have thought of a lot of these!

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

Remove acrylic or gel nails with DENTAL FLOSS; super easy no pain!

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Life hacks! Here you go! Have a great day!!!

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How to Get Rid of Shin Splints: 10 steps (with pictures) where was this pin when I HAD shin splints!!!

How to Get Rid of Shin Splints

Seriously? How smart is this? Photocopy the back of the item you want to hang, and then use the copy as the template of where to drill/screw/nail the holes. Clever, clever!!

Photocopy Template - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker