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THE CHINESE CANADIAN ARTIST JAMES TAN -Lingnan School of Painting / 嶺南派畫家-陳蘊化

Chinese brush painting by Vancouver artist James Tan. This Lingnan style of paintings is taught by James Tan. James gives lectures and demonstrations on the history and art of Chinese brush painting.

Ilya Ibryaev from Flor do Campo (I guess. Her name isn't actually spelled out--it has flowers in the spaces where two of the letters go.)

by Ilya Ibryaev - 'Fall, October'. *Ilya Ibryaev (Илья Ибряев), Russian artist, lives in Moscow.

Cherries are the only known food to contain melatonin, wonder why.  Something else out there might be hiding its secrets. Melatonin is the hormone needed to fall asleep. Light interrupts it from emerging, so if you want to sleep, get into the dark, and cover up those insane LEDs all over the room.  Better yet put them in another room.

Artist, Catherine Klein, born in Berlin, Germany on November She attended the Art School in Berlin and painted flower pictures, eventually in "gouche" (opaque watercolor). Her best work seems to have been done between