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Great Health Articles

Great Health Articles

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This is interesting... I've read this is a big source of nutrition in Africa, but it helps with depression naturally. Hmm... How long until the pharma companies shut it down? LOL

Some more interesting info... The difference between a cup of coffee and green coffee beans!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Natural Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risks

Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention!

Fight breast cancer

I needed something to improve my immune system and boost my metabolism. This is great stuff!

An interesting article I just read about Saffron extract... Looks promising!

  • Genevieve Jansen
    Genevieve Jansen

    That's what I need to do lol

  • Lisa Meridith
    Lisa Meridith

    Don't we all lol

Now THIS makes sense!!!!

Have you read this research? Kinda nuts! I'm starting an 8-week experiment on myself to see the results I get :)

This is pretty powerful.

  • Billi Simmons
    Billi Simmons

    Do you have this? Does it really work?

  • Lisa Meridith
    Lisa Meridith

    Hi Billi! I got it about 6 weeks ago. what's crazy is that I haven't really had much time to work out (excuses excuses lol) but I still was able to drop 8 pounds... I think the fact that it makes me feel more full might be making me eat less?

  • Billi Simmons
    Billi Simmons

    I really wanna try this! Thank you !

The science makes sense to me - stopping the liver from absorbing fat, boosting the metabolism, etc. with no jittery-ness of caffeine. This could be something big!

Green Coffee Review

Dr. Oz just talked about this today... Crazy how well it worked in a clinical trial!

It's sad how obese America has become. :(

Why Americans need to have Raspberry Ketone as a part of their diet.

super inspiration!