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2 Minutes, 2 Stretches: Stress-Busting Moves You Can Do in Bed

2 Minutes, 2 Stretches: Stress-Busting Moves You Can Do in Bed: Source: Shutterstock With stressful holiday travel just a few weeks away, it's time to arm yourself with quick ways you can feel better that don't take much time.

Health benefits of meditation.

Meditation is gaining popularity for its ability to improve overall well being of the mind, body and soul. We know it can make us feel happier but did you know it can actually make us healthier? Here are the most common health benefits of meditation.

Fig-Pecan macaroons.

Fig-Pecan Macaroons: Macaroons almost always have nuts and egg whites in the ingredient list. This rendition also features intensely sweet dried figs. Be sure to remove and discard the hard stems of the figs before chopping them.

Old fashioned fruit crumble recipe.

Use whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have on hand to make this old-fashioned crumble. Typical crumble topping has as much as a half cup of butter--ours has just a tablespoon of canola oil and, for .