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17 Day Diet Recipes

Get slimming, easy-to-make recipes from The 17 Day Diet and 17 Day Diet Cookbook by Dr. Mike Moreno. We share your favorites, too! #17daydiet
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The Best 17 Day Diet Recipes

17 Day Diet Gal: Turkey Burgers (C1)

17 Day Diet Recipe: Breakfast Crisp

17 Day Diet Recipe: Creamy Light Fettuccine Alfredo

One Hard-Boiled Egg + 1/2 Avocado + Light Tuna. Mashed together like tuna salad. Healthy and FILLING lunch! Would be good with chicken also.


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17 Day Diet Gal: Brittany's Chicken Vegetable Saute (C1)

from Aggie's Kitchen

Hello 2012...and The 17 Day Diet


Hello 2012...and The 17 Day Diet | Aggie's Kitchen

17 Day Diet Complete