Carolyn Wakeman

Carolyn Wakeman

Thoughts are like spun glass -- beautiful yet fragile. Believe me, my head is filled with fragments.
Carolyn Wakeman
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Things a Whovian should do

Things a Whovian should do. and you hear River Song saying it :)

Not a clue which I would chose

From Working Daze. Jedi, Star Fleet Commander or Dr.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mad man in possession of a blue box must be in want of a companion. Pride and Prejudice/ Doctor Who crossover


Always blame Moffat. Even if it has nothing to do with Sherlock or any of his other shows.blame him. Someone cuts you off in traffic-blame Moffat. You drop your ice cream on the floor-blame Moffat. You get a paper cut-blame Moffat. ALWAYS BLAME MOFFAT!

That would explain so much!

Psychic paper in books. My books would have more hot dudes doing romantic yet dangerous things than they do. Though I do believe that is the reason some people don't read - they just don't have the imagination.

I don't doubt it!

His consulting criminal business spans galaxies. OMG I just realized if he has two shadows then he would repeat the last words right!