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Scripture Art Journaling, Faith Journaling, Illustrated Faith, - Kay Arthor Precepts Bible Study symbol markings , hybrid Photoshop Elements design with…
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How to install and use photoshop Glitter Styles

Memory Dex Cards

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jbs inspiration: Valentine's Day Tags by Stephanie Howell
Do you have tons of scrapbook paper in your stash and no idea how to use it? We’ve brought you 5 simple, yet useful scrapbook paper projects that can put your beautiful paper to good use! Whether you are using scraps or whole 12×12 scrapbook paper pages, these projects are sure to bring joy toRead more
Layered tags w/doilies, punches & twine

Layered Tags

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December Daily Dex Cards 31 Titles f Christ #DexCard #FaithDex #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling

100 Days of Bible Promises

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Pocket Letter
The Beatitudes Printable Wall Art and Cards. Set of 10 printables featuring The Beatitudes from Matthew Chapter 5. Perfect for DIY wall art, gallery wall, cards, banners. Beatitudes printables | Beatitudes bible verses.
Pocket Letter

ATC Bible Journaling

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#FreeClass What Would Jesus Do on Social Media #Biblejournaling #memorydexcards This class was designed to look at a verse a day for 30 days and examine how Jesus would respond on social media. After all it is interacting with people–it is real life–people's feelings can be hurt. In some networks we might be the only Christian a person ever interacts with. Our words can encourage or discourage others.
A chiasm in Exodus 18:2-10 presents Moses wife & sons as a microcosm of the Hebrews leaving Egypt.
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Bible Chiasm

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Old Testament Scenes Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Stained Glass Coloring Book): John Green: 9780486467634: Books
Stories from the Old Testament (Dover Classic Stories Coloring Book): Marty Noble: 9780486413235: Books
Free printable scripture coloring page- "Praise the Lord, for each day he carries us in his arms." ~Psalm 68:19

Bible Coloring Pages

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Collection of daily devotional readings for an entire year designed to help believers develop a regular time of communion with the Lord.
Bible journaling pages created  with the Sow and Grow Bible Journal Kit Printable and digital #Biblejounraling #Biblejournalingdigitally
Pathways to His Presence: A Daily Devotional by Charles S...

Bible Devotionals

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Put these playing card size Bible verse in a playing card box or make a Mini Treasture Journal (junk journal with Scripture) #biblejournaling #Biblejournalcards #junkjournal
Printable & Digital Messianic Hanukkah Kit Learn about Hanukkah as you Bible journal 4 inch memorydex cards! A treasure from #BiblejournalLove Etsy shop by A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays author #RobinSampson Print as many as you need on your printer and Bible study devotional for 8 days of Chanukah see how Hanukkah reveals Christ as Messiah.
December Daily Dex Cards 31 Titles of Jesus #DexCard #FaithDex #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling

Bible Journal Ideas

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Take Your Bible Journaling Up a Notch! Blog post by Robin Sampson. #Biblestudy #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling
(41) Robin Sampson's Passion - YouTube
Watch Me Bible Journaling Digitally with Photoshop

Bible Journal Love Posts

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How To Have The Perfect Pottery Painting Party
DIY Fun Paint Can Party Favors - perfect for a kid's birthday party, art party, special event & more (made with my Silhouette & vinyl)
chevron rainbow art party: rainbow daisy centerpieces...using the food coloring in water trick?  {Anders Ruff}

Bible Journal Workshop Ideas

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Proverbs 31 Bible Journal Class | BibleJournalLove by #RobinSampson #BibleJournalLove #HeartofWisdom
Proverbs 31 Bible Journal Class | BibleJournalLove by #RobinSampson #BibleJournalLove #HeartofWisdom
Proverbs 31 Bible Journaling Class with Printables by Robin Sampson #HeartofWIsdom and #BiblejournalLove Homepage | BibleJournalLove

Bible Journaling Classes

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Vintage Rose Bible Journaling Kit in with Vintage Retro | Etsy
Forgiveness Bible Journaling Kit in with Retro Ladies | Etsy
Free Printable Bible Journaling Prompts on Forgiveness April #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling by #RobinSampson #BibleJournalLove #HeartofWisdom     #BiblejournalLove Etsy Shop

Bible Journaling Digital Art

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Battlefield of the Mind Class Bible journaing each chapter in a Travelers Notebook this spread was on Chapter 2, 3, 4
Bible Journaling Digitally: Quick Tutorial Wrap an Element Around Another Element #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling by #RobinSampson #BibleJournalLove #HeartofWisdom     #BiblejournalLove Etsy Shop
Digital & Printable Travelers Notebook Bible Journal Kit | Etsy

Bible Journaling Digitally

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Friday Freebie 11.29-2
Free Printable Bible Journaling Prompts on Forgiveness April #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling by #RobinSampson #BibleJournalLove #HeartofWisdom     #BiblejournalLove Etsy Shop
Free Printable Bible Journaling Prompts on Forgiveness April #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling by #RobinSampson #BibleJournalLove #HeartofWisdom     #BiblejournalLove Etsy Shop

Bible Journaling Free Printables

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Then you will be empowered to discover what every holy one experiences—the great magnitude of the astonishing love of Christ in all its dimensions. How deeply intimate and far-reaching is his love! How enduring and inclusive it is! Endless love beyond measurement that transcends our understanding—this extravagant love pours into you until you are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God! Ephesians 3:18-19 TPT
I making a Travelers Notebook for my purse with 31 Bible verses on Trials and suffering. This is July 6 and 7 verses. Created digitally, printed and glued into a TN.

Bible Journaling in a Travelers Notebook

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Sale Printable & Digital Christmas Nativity Kit from #BiblejournalLove Etsy Shop #DexCard #FaithDex #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling   #RobinSampson
Friday Freebie #DexCard #FaithDex #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling
SALE: Mixed Media Travelers Notebook Pages for Bible or Art | Etsy

Bible Journaling Kits

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Bible Journaling Col 3:14 Put on Love  #Biblejournaling #Biblejournalingdigitally #RobinSampson  #Illustratedfaith #Praisebook
Order the Photoshop Elements Class from this site and receive a $20 gift card from DIgiScrapDelights Etsy Shop. #Biblejournaling #BiblejournalingDigitally
Express your Faith in color! Uplifting Scripture is artistically presented on each page with complementary artwork, offering an opportunity for reflection and receiving encouragement from God's Word while you lose yourself in the tranquility of coloring. With the diversity of design styles, you'll have a hard time deciding which page to color first! Share the joy and invite others to join you - the perforated pages make this a shareable pastime. When you're finished, hang your artwork for co...

Bible Journaling Supplies

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December Daily MemoryDex Cards #DexCard #FaithDex #BibleJournaling #BibleJournalingDigitally #HybridBibleJournaling
Surprise, surprise!! It's FRIDAY and I have a VERY special guest for you guys today!!! Whenever I would talk about the journaling bible with anyone in person they would say I LOVE LOVE LOVE what April (Marine Parents) is doing…
A Day in the life of a Country Mouse: Journaling Bible: I can do ALL things.........

Bible Journaling with Scrapbook Elements

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Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels by [Wallace, J. Warner]
Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

Bible Study - Apologetics

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Armor of God - Kindle edition by Rose Publishing. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @
Periodic Table of Bible by Mark Barry-- visualunit on twitter --visualunit on facebook

Bible Study - Bible Visuals

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The Ark of the Covenant from Exodus 25:10-22. PDF version (168 KB)
5 Covenants of the  Old Testament Noahic  Genesis 9:11  “I establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all fles...
17 Best ideas about Covenants In The Bible on Pinterest | What ...

Bible Study - Covenants

45 Pins Watch The Tabernacle | Prime Video
Then, Moses was placed in a basket among the reeds.   I love the story of love and grace this story reveals.  Can you imagine how different life would be if Moses hadn't been rescued? #Biblejournaling #storyofMoses
When God revealed himself to Moses at the burning bush and commanded that Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses asked for God to tell Him who He should say commanded him to do so.  God simply responded by saying, "I am who I am". Simply stated and so powerful...He is unchanging.  His wisdom spans the ages and His promises give meaning and direction to our lives.  He is constant and enduring and His word is eternal.  He has always been and always will be.  The beginning and the

Bible Study Exodus

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The number forty occurs 146 times in the Bible, It usually generally symbolizes a period of testing, trial or probation. Mem (maym), the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet; its numerical valu…
What Happened to the Biblical Holidays? - Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Blog
Knee Jerk Reaction to Hebrew Roots

Bible Symbols

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Bible Tabs for Coloring Bibles & Bible Journaling -
Purple Floral Bible Tabs 66 Books BOUNS: Topic & Blank Tabs

Bible Tabs for Bible Journaling

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Day 718 – Facing Fears in the Valleys – FearLess Friday - Wisdom-Trek - Google Play Music
The Anna Anointing: Become a Woman of Boldness, Power and...
Great graduation gift for that strong young lady, Proverbs 31 verse, she is clothed with strength and dignity, vintage distressed sign on Wanelo

Bible Women & Proverbs 31

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