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Get inspired with these 23 courage quotes that'll lift your mood, boost your confidence and get you PUMPED to take on the world.

PHD focused. semester back has been a test of faith and endurance & I've made it only by God's grace. 2 psych evals to write and 1 proposal then deuces! My winter break will be dissertation writing, comp, & licensure studying...with a lil R&R

Yes and I always tried to prove myself but clearly there is better out there but that's fine sweetheart you say there are more fish in the sea did you think I was blind or what I saw better...-Natalie Treat someone like shit you will get the same response

48 Ways To Make Your Life A Million Times Better

48 Ways To Make Your Life A Million Times Better I don't even know anymore.

The struggle of having a popular name. Oh and can I just say I HATE when people with my name laugh when I tell them my name and they're like "OMG! My name is Ashley too!" Congra-tu-fucking-lations for having the like most popular girls name from the