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best friends, best girl friend, friendship, long distance :'((( @marissaflorance

best friends, best girl friend, friendship, long distance :'((( @marissaflorance

RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation

For so many of my friends; for I have been blessed with the best!! @Shay Wagnon

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Silence game how to play and what it builds here www.montessoripri... It is montessori but I heard a waldorf teacher speaking of how she uses this when the children are restless and she wants them to really listen. She does this first.

Haha literally had a moment like this today, I will not be foolish to think it is entirely healed but its definitely farther than where it was to begin with!

That's me!

Well, duh. How else would the toilet paper roll refill itself magically?

A variation of the lesson my grandmother taught me when I began teaching school. She retired (twice!) and still subs at age 84. Her advice to me was to love the kids who are the hardest to love, because those are the ones who need it more. Best advice ever. ♥

I fall in love ALL. the. time!

yes! love that brene brown!

story of my life Inside every cynical person there is a disappointed idealist

I have a few true friends; this is my criteria. Trust the one who can see the sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your anger and the reason behind your silence.