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10 Useful Blogging Websites Every Blogger Should Know

These blogging websites can come in SOOO useful when you're trying to create that perfect pinnable graphic, or when you just want to spruce up your blog! at

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How to make your recipe printable in Blogger

Super handy and easy to understand guide, I can't believe it's taken me so long to sort this!

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Streamline your blog by choosing featured labels, tags, or categories

Blogging Tips | How to Blog | Why it's best to have your blog categories, tags, or labels streamlined, organized, and presented in a clear way to your blog readers. |

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How To Trade Your Opinion For Free Amazon Products

Did you know that you can receive FREE or deeply discounted items just by agreeing to leave a fair un-biased review on Amazon? Its like paying with your opinion and yes it is that easy! Companies need valuable reviews for their products to boost their rankings and sales on Amazon. In turn, you the reviewer get to sample awesome products for free!

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How Not To Write: The Style Mistake Most Bloggers Make

Do you agree with this? Blog posts aren’t college essays. They aren't news features or billboard signs or technical manuals. Blogging has its own style. Unlike academic essays, blog posts are enter...

PVC Pipe Hands Only Camera Mount

Make an overhead camera mount with PVC pipe. This is an inexpensive DIY camera hack that you won't know how you lived without. Set up your video studio!