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    Interesting Bits and Pieces

    Interesting Bits and Pieces

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    Article from the Deep South Daily--reprinting the most perfect letter from a Vermont mother who has a gay son. It's perfection in a letter for sure.

    “I am the mother of a gay son and I’ve taken enough from you good people” | Deep South Daily

    Another beautiful perspective on Christianity and gay marriage, and also addresses the concept of refusing service (i.e. bakeries, flowers, etc.).

    Bake for them two

    Momastery--I support your right to share my rights. Wonderful blog post by Glennon regarding Christianity and gay rights, and she ways it much much better than I ever could.

    I Support Your Right to Share My Rights


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    Fascinating article on the Bible and abortion--including pretty persuasive Biblical evidence of when the Bible considers life to begin (spoiler alert, it's not conception).

    The Bible Tells Us When A Fetus Becomes A Living Being


    Funny Animal Overload - 32 Pics

    I'd die.

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    American History: | 21 Reasons Tumblr Is Better Than Public School

    21 Reasons Tumblr Is Better Than Public School

    18 Totally Canadian Things That No Other Country Will Ever Have

    18 Totally Canadian Things That No Other Country Will Ever Have

    How Each Of The 50 US States Got Their Names

    How All 50 U.S. States Got Their Names

    Sometimes it's just a shit idea.

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    Jennifer Lawrence

    She will be that kind of mom…

    Well, once you invest an insane amount of time and a good chunk of your own money, the salary becomes livable. But damn if everything isn't always your fault.

    The Classroom Key: Teacher Funnies 7
    • Just Me Illnevertell
      Just Me Illnevertell

      Sounds a lot like nursing....

    Everything makes so much more feckin sense now. . .

    Short Paragraph on My Respected Parents in Hindi


    Random Funny Pictures - 65 Pics
    • Amanda Neubauer
      Amanda Neubauer

      I love Louis ck

    • Heather Grieser
      Heather Grieser

      Me too-he's absolutely hilarious!

    If Your Food Told the Truth, Here's What it'd Say to You

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    I actually know a couple who did that. They hated their own last names, so just made a new one...

    We should change traditions…
    • Amanda Neubauer
      Amanda Neubauer

      Before we were married, we were the Hajbauers! I think it's even on our wedding program.


    Wicked-Naughty-Diva : Photo

    Better than I deserved

    Better than I deserved

    Ahaha! That is hilarious! #80s #movie #meme

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    Working on a paper

    I tried it. Shut up.

    No Matter How You Look At This Picture… | WeKnowMemes