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Bohemian style cozy corners

Handmade Talks: Bohemian style cozy corners


Punny Animals | Funny As Duck | Funny Pictures

This is literally the only thought process I employ when wearing a dress...

Mindblown Posts

focus on the good

Maya Angelou

A Bit Of Inspiration From Jennifer Lawrence. Love her.

A Bit Of Inspiration From Jennifer Lawrence

annie oakley.

You can't just sit there and put everybody's lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love, you just can't!!!! Love this! Get what u need to get done for yourself first! If you've worked hard for something and going after what u want, then there's nothing wrong with being selfish if it means your working towards a dream of your own!

22 Signs You're A Redhead. Story of my life.....Hahahaha these are great

Annie Oakley. The lady with not just a gun, but terrific hair too!

Pope Francis - I'm not Catholic but I really like this guy. My favorite Pope so far!


Bon Qui Qui. Hahaha


The Great Gatsby

life hacks!

Sometimes, I Just Like Being Quiet.

The movie that broke my heart and never really put it back together.

A lovely description of gratitude

cute =)

The only real solution to Monday blues

During finals...


ha...yea, like that would ever happen!