15 FALL DECOR IDEAS - Place Of My Taste


Idea for Fall wedding. Large baskets with fall mums and pumpkins. For stairs of stage?i found over five of these wooden apple baskets in our shed. could we use them as decoration some how?

3 Handmade Star Ornaments. I wouldn't use tensile n the middle it makes it look to modern. If use jute rope.

3 Handmade Star Ornaments

3 Handmade Star Ornaments ~ When I first saw the thumbprint I thought these were starfish! Very pretty!

Lughnasadh:  #Lughnasadh marked the end of Summer and the beginning of the harvest season; on that day, the first meal of the year's new food crop was eaten. Paramount was the resorting of the rural communities to certain heights or watersides, to spend the day in festivity, sports, and bilberry-picking. This custom is believed to have existed throughout the Celtic lands.

Love them. but becoming a thing of the past with modern day 'haying'. Looks more like corn stalks stacked. Does not look like hay stacks I remember.