No Sew Bridge

Suz' Sugar Gliders - No Sew Bridge - Information on Sugar Gliders, their Joeys and how to care for them ~ by a Sugar Glider Breeder.

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The Boston Terrier and the Rat. "License an registration, you dirty rat!


A photo I took of my previous rat, Thomas, 4 years ago for a college project. He was a wonderful ratty :)

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Adorable little rattie!! <3<3<3 ^_^

I think I finally found my true calling within pintrest, rats!

Pet rats are friendly and easy to tame, but can spook if they don't feel secure. Picking a rat up the wrong way can result in a scared rat or an unintended bite. Learn the best way to scoop up your new rat-friend in this organized hub.

How to Safely Pick Up and Hold a Pet Rat

I love my rat babies to pieces. Patches loves perching on my shoulder.

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Funny pictures about Because he's the rodent Gotham deserves. Oh, and cool pics about Because he's the rodent Gotham deserves. Also, Because he's the rodent Gotham deserves.