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This book arch is the entrance of a book store “Le Bal des Ardents” in Lyon (Rue Neuve), France. (Picture via Breathing Books)

Millennials MORE likely to read a book. There is hope.

Millennials Are Actually MORE Likely To Read Books, Study Says

Studies show that readers are more empathetic: www.theguardian.c...

Reading fiction 'improves empathy', study finds

Study: Pesticides could cause unexpected allergic reactions

The Weird Reason You Might Be Allergic To Fruits and Vegetables

I'm a simple person who just likes long walks in the book aisle.

By Marcus Zusak. It's an amzing novel that follows a girl in Nazi Germany from Death's point of view. It's clever and well written and tear inducing at points. It gives an interesting insight into Nazi Germany and is compelling to read. The kiss. . . So sad.

The Book Thief - brilliant
  • Logan McDonald
    Logan McDonald

    I'm actually reading this right now. I just wish it had less language. The story is really interesting so far though. I'm interested to see where it is going to go.

  • Heather Flood
    Heather Flood

    I agree about the language too, I've just started reading it myself.

  • Logan McDonald
    Logan McDonald

    I know. I'm trying to decide if I want to continue to read it or not. I've actually started crossing out the language with a Sharpie. : P I really want to see how it plays out though. So, we'll see. I'll probably take a break to read Divergent. Please tell me if it is worth the read!

Persuasion | Book T-Shirt | Litographs

Anne of Green Gables

The Bible | Book Poster | Litographs

The Storybook Children's Shop in Bluffton- Never been! Must go!

Visit Bluffton, South Carolina - Official Site



He's Good - Chronicles of Narnia print



There are needs. There are wants. This clearly falls under the 'need' category.

"We're all mad here" - Cheshire Cat

Never settle for anything less than a Gilbert.

I loved it when we read this in Jill Dixon's Read with The Best: American Literature two years ago. Cracked me up.

Henry James - What Maisie Knew Currently reading this and amazed at the timelessness of the tale. Written in the 1890s, a bitter, selfish divorced couple uses their daughter as a pawn to punish each other. Written from the perceptive perspective of the child, it could have been set in modern times and other than the language been the same.

The Paris Library floods [1910]

bookcase stairs

ladder bookshelf

Wooden Ladder Bookshelf

Jane Eyre- this BBC version is the best rendition I've watched. Very true to the book.