there's just something about waves and boats and tentacles that always catch my eye.

This would be an awesome tattoo design! I really like the wave design of this piece. And the anchor. Just not the octopus I think.

Elephant    This painting is for sale in my etsy shop!

Elephant This painting is (NO LONGER) for sale in my etsy shop! Favorite animal of all time. I checked the Etsy shop where this WAS available.

pencil drawing / sketch - lips

Slowly by Slowly, Take My Breathe Away & Blow🔥LOVE❤️ Into My Mouth; Filled it Until I Drown Plenty of Passion♠️: pencil drawing / sketch - lips

Awesome Koi project...Outline the drawing with marker and then outline all the areas with markers...then, paint the edge of the markers with water and it will create the effect of value and watercolors!

Directions for drawing a koi fish--I love the marker as watercolor technique!

::blunts::oil dipped::Kief rolled::stay stoned:: concentrates::bho::hash oil::honey:: marijuana::cannabis::kush::ganja:: NoEllie0123

blunt dipped in lean and rolled in kief. Get it on ya mind👀🔥🔥

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