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    This project is infinitely easier if you have a sewing machine and are not a fat adult.

    Pintester-tested, Pintester-failed. The ubiquitous cookie bowls do not make the cut.

    resin-coffee-glass-block NAILED IT

    Tinkerbell pancake fail

    eclair-cake nailed it

    How did one crafter's version of this plush cupcake go very very wrong? Find out at CraftFail!

    See how wrong these popcorn balls went at CraftFail!

    Melted Crayon Canvas-FAIL

    The importance is in trying

    Pintester's romantic spirit shines through in this pound cake with a sweet surprise in the middle: a delicate pink penis.

    Pintester's attempt at a cutesy Valentine cookie ends up looking a little blobby, as per the usual.

    Making anything "blackened" in the Pintester kitchen means strife, heartache, and the opposite of marital bliss.

    DIY Pinterest Fails: Sharpie Mug

    These are supposed to look like footballs. If you're lazy, they look like brown eggs with White Out on them.

    FAILED IT! Sonja Foust attempts to make the Rainbow Cake in a Jar- for more.

    Oh the pain of failure. And the hilarity of #failcakes .

    A disaster of epic proportions.

    Craftfail Interview on Etsy

    crafts your preschooler already knows how to make

    A reader´s wreck of a rickrack flag shirt posted by Aurelia Good of Stockton, N.J., on her blog "" Good has had a series of her own notable failures, from exploding food to damaging decoupage.

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    Swirl ornament - nailed it!

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