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    CraftFails & Pinterest Fails

    Tried and failed? Submit to the site! I'm writing a book too -- you could be a star! heather at craftfail dot com.

    CraftFails & Pinterest Fails

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    This project is infinitely easier if you have a sewing machine and are not a fat adult.

    • Jen Kistner
      Jen Kistner

      I have seen a tshirt skirt where you sew the end of the sleeve shut and tuck inside to make pockets, cut the collar off, then tie a string around your skirt or wear a belt!

    • Jen Kistner
      Jen Kistner

      I found the link http://www.feathersflights....

    Pintester-tested, Pintester-failed. The ubiquitous cookie bowls do not make the cut.

    resin-coffee-glass-block NAILED IT

    Tinkerbell pancake fail

    eclair-cake nailed it

    How did one crafter's version of this plush cupcake go very very wrong? Find out at CraftFail!

    See how wrong these popcorn balls went at CraftFail!

    Melted Crayon Canvas-FAIL

    The importance is in trying

    Pintester's romantic spirit shines through in this pound cake with a sweet surprise in the middle: a delicate pink penis.

    • Jessie Vandenboogaard
      Jessie Vandenboogaard

      Ha classic!

    • Anita Parys
      Anita Parys

      Hilarious. Couldn't have done this on purpose if you tried!

    Pintester's attempt at a cutesy Valentine cookie ends up looking a little blobby, as per the usual.

    Making anything "blackened" in the Pintester kitchen means strife, heartache, and the opposite of marital bliss.

    DIY Pinterest Fails: Sharpie Mug

    These are supposed to look like footballs. If you're lazy, they look like brown eggs with White Out on them.

    FAILED IT! Sonja Foust attempts to make the Rainbow Cake in a Jar- for more.

    • Tracey Lowenstein
      Tracey Lowenstein

      I made these for my son's rainbow unicorn birthday party - Sooo ugly!

    Oh the pain of failure. And the hilarity of #failcakes .

    A disaster of epic proportions.

    • I Like Beer and Babies
      I Like Beer and Babies

      Is that a penis mold they were trying to use?

    Craftfail Interview on Etsy

    crafts your preschooler already knows how to make

    • Leslie Staggs
      Leslie Staggs

      This could be cute on a Valentine's card - "I only have eyes for you."

    • Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts
      Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts

      Good idea Leslie Staggs!

    A reader´s wreck of a rickrack flag shirt posted by Aurelia Good of Stockton, N.J., on her blog "" Good has had a series of her own notable failures, from exploding food to damaging decoupage.

    Craft Fail book review on Failure Mag

    Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb: Q&A with Heather Mann

    Swirl ornament - nailed it!

    Heather Mann Talks about CraftFail - 12 Days of Giving - Day 7 - Hydrangea Hippo

    Lessons from the CraftFail Queen - on Yahoo

    • Jacqui Smerdon
      Jacqui Smerdon

      Classic, so funny.'s Holiday Gift Guide -- Books for the One Who Likes to Laugh

    Looking for a holiday gift for the crafty friend who has everything? Look no further than, CraftFail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong. Author Heather Mann beautifully compiles some of the most epic fails out there, and yet somehow manages to do it in a totally relatable, completely hilarious, and somehow, wholly light-hearted way.  Heather is an …

    brownie in a mug nailed it

    • Debra Lynn Wilson
      Debra Lynn Wilson


    stamp fail

    • Ashe Hart
      Ashe Hart

      Meanwhile I see "Ellen" so any reference to her can't be a fail!

    • Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts
      Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts

      Ashe Hart True!!

    Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzels nailed it

    jack o lantern fail

    It is easy to see the appeal behind the DIY movement, whose devotees say that you — yes, you! — can have beautiful things at a fraction of the prices seen at the likes of Anthropologie, West Elm, Restoration Hardware et al. All it takes is a hot-glue gun, some paint and a little know-how.

    The Melted Marshmallow Mutiny - CraftFail

    I'm in a published book. So yeah. Wait, what? Ah yes. All the rumors you've heard about my increasing rise to popularity, fame, and great wealth are true. Don't feel left out if you haven't heard t...

    • Theresa Lyden
      Theresa Lyden

      hahahahah xx

    good and bad cookies - #craftfail #nailedit

    Christmas tree sweater nailed it

    Ombre Scarf Snafu | craftfail

    nail fail NAILED IT

    Arid Irish Soda Bread

    Rotary cutter pizza cutter?

    Tasty 5-Dollar Pancake Prank

    me being crafty podcast: interview with Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts & CraftFail

    If you aren't failing, you aren't trying!!! Get the CraftFail book now!

    • Jessica Troy
      Jessica Troy

      I have a hat I knitted for my husband (then boyfriend) that should go in here. He keeps the freaking thing on display because he thinks it's hilarious.

    • Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts
      Heather Mann: Dollar Store Crafts

      Jessica Troy - it's my book & my site so feel free to send me a pic!! heather at craftfail dot com

    • Jessica Troy
      Jessica Troy


    A Soccer Ball Cupcake Kick In the Teeth

    Freddo Face Loom Band Fail

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    CraftFail: "You don't need to be a crafter or baker to appreciate the fails, nor to laugh along. And you really will laugh."

    CraftFail review: "My only complaint? I would like more."