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Pinterest's PEEPS ideas in the real world - 8 hilarious examples of how Pinterest's Easter projects really turn out! By Robyn Welling on @NickMom

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookie – BEAT IT!

rainbow cake nailed it

  • Allison Overton

    That is the easiest cake to make, I downsized it to cupcakes, but its the exact same idea.

Martha’s Matzoh Mansion - a fail from @Anna Sandler on @Craft Fail written by @hollow tree ventures

Perhaps Pintester should stick to ponytails and not try to be all vintage-chic.

  • Shannon Collins

    I don't know , but I love it when pintester tries stuff and messes it up, you make me feel better about the fact that I can really type... run... walk and chew gum...

Swirly Easter Bark – blech!

This heart-wrenching saga of the search for the perfect dog treat ends in tragedy... and gagging.

Crooked Chinese Coconut Cookie Chicks, by Robyn Welling on @Craft Fail

Cherpumple? Piecaken? Delicious. A food fail, by Robyn Welling on @Craft Fail

Pinterest Sure Has Some Weird Names for Stuff - by @Nicole Leigh Shaw, Humorist on @NickMom

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake-alanche

Melted Crayon Blurred Word

37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You. I died.

Make cookie bowls for ice cream. Nailed it! Now where's the freakin' Easy-Off?!

A Meaty Brownie Roll Cake by @Nikki Z tree ventures on @Jamie Dorobek {C.R.A.F.T.} Fail

Getting Burned by Shadow Applique on @Craft Fail

The Empty Calories Cookie - another funny fail via @Craft Fail