i really need to start


Get started workout. Jumping jacks every other exercise.


It isn't that I'm not a people person. I'm just not a stupid people person. A great way to deal with difficult people is not to deal with difficult people.

Memo to Mommy -- you have a lot of lessons to teach your little one, but he has a few words of wisdon for you too.

Memo to Mommy - Such good things to remember about little kids

our family rules

Make a house rules sign. First, agree on what the house rules are.


I was taught, duct tape, baling wire. 100 mile an hour tape. and pliers is all you need in a pinch. I have grown to know PRAYER first and then realizing you just can't fix everything!

Love this! Amen!

The First Dance

between two families the knot will be tied, so pick a seat and not a side! love the chalkboard idea


Family Saying Inspirational Wood Sign - They are my Boys

Family Saying Inspirational Wood Sign - They are my kids so true.I love all 4 of my children.would never give up the days I have and will spend with them!