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Chi-Spaniel (chihuahua and cocker mix) This is what my little Opal is but she looks so different... same face tho

Sir Didymus @Gila Zanelli Corgi/Yorkie

Top 25 Corgi Hybrids

This is a corgipoo. Mixed Breed Dogs pictures from Huffington Post, click through for cuteness! Hosted by

Beagle and a Pomeranian. My future pet. It's a beagle that stays small forever!

Community Post: Top 20 Beagle Hybrids

Dameranian Dachshund / Pomeranian Hybrid Dogs

Border Sheepdog Border Collie / Shetland Sheepdog Hybrid Dogs

Borgi = Border Collie / Pembroke Welsh Corgi Hybrid Dogs

Top 25 Corgi Hybrids! Mix any dog with a corgi and you get a corgi-shaped version! The corgi/german shepard is killing me!

Top 25 Corgi Hybrids

Jack-A-Ranian, Jack-A-Ranians, Min Pin Pomeranian Hybrid Dogs

Pomeagle, Beagle Pomeranian Hybrid Dogs, Pomeagles

Pomeagle, Beagle Pomeranian Hybrid Dogs, Pomeagles

Two breeds in one: The Corgi-Husky…OMG YES!!!

This is a Pomeranian Dachshund mix named Rex. I love his ears. I would love to find more photos of these hybrid dogs.

Pomeranian Dachshund mix breed - REX

Collective Nouns for Animal Groups

Just beautiful...

In case you're having a bad's a picture of an elephant in a raincoat.

Panda Nap Time :) Awwwww

My birthday!? Yay!

Sunbeam Dogs!

English creme mini doxie

A Box of Chocolates! Chocolate Lab puppies / dog

Are you mocking me (so cute!)

Though unusual, this hippo and tortoise would seem to have chosen a relationship of mutual support and companionship.

And its a puffin! hahaahaha

An albino peacock