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Read Chapter Just Thinking from the story Fairy Tail Gender Bender academy! by RainbowQuratz (Gender bend love ❤️) with 562 reads.

Fairy Tail Genderbend, NaLu <3

Genderbender NaLu WHY is happy a dog if it's gender bent wouldn't happy be a girl exceed?

Fairy Tail

Rogue, Jellal, Sting, and Ultear from Fairy Tail genderbent. Ultear though.

Fairy tail natsu erza gray genderbend

Fairy tail natsu erza gray genderbend <<This is so Ice Make New Generation.

lucy and natsu genderbend

Fairy Tail genderbent Lucy and Natsu with Happy as a dog instead of a cat!

Genderbend Natsu (Fairy Tail)

Genderbender BUT AWW THATS CUTE NATSU probably the cutest natsu genderbend I've seen so far←even as a girl natsu will still be a bad-ass xD