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Lesson from DBZ

Funny pictures about Lesson from Dragon Ball Z. Oh, and cool pics about Lesson from Dragon Ball Z. Also, Lesson from Dragon Ball Z.

Aww, poor Goku. lol

Even in powerful forms, their personalities remain the same.

Dragon ball z

Later announced as the longest fight in anime history hours) - FunSubstance

Interacting Galaxy NGC 6050 Wallpaper Edited Hubble Space Telescope of the interacting galaxies NGC 6050. By sjrankin

Arp 272 is a remarkable collision between two spiral galaxies, NGC 6050 and IC 1179 (part of the Hercules Galaxy Cluster).

"Goku's is more of an orange, but whatever :p" Plus, we all know who's better(:

Goku and Superman - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - funny animals @ humor

Mesmerising Galaxy Tattoo. Would love this printed in the palm of my hand.

50 All Star Galaxy Tattoos Photo Chermaries Photos Buzznet (love this but wouldn't ever get it on my hand, just sayin)

Piccolo and Vegeta

awwww :') this is soo true :') I really respect these two Piccolo and Vegeta, GOKU sure can change peoples heart there's no doubt why he is my favorite GOKU :')