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Pretzel Shortbread cookies
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pretzel shortbread cookies — molly yeh

there is a correct way to eat a pie and an incorrect way. the incorrect way is to eat it as a neat slice on a small plate over talk about obvious things. you've probably showered that day, you might even be wearing pants. when you're finished with your slice, you clean up. the correct way isn't to

battenberg cake
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battenberg cake — molly yeh

Pea and Scallion Pancakes
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Pea & Scallion Pancakes

These pancakes are good on their own or with eggs. I think they'd be down-right adorable served as an appetizer if you made them silver dollar sized and topped them with a tiny piece of smoked salmon and a fried quail egg...

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reasons why purim *might* have a shot at making it into my list of top 20 favorite holidays this year (bc do i need to explain again how i'm actually a grandma that prefers the more sober holidays where you eat matzo ball soup ): 1. it's slowly becoming a holiday for just reminiscing on my colle

Moqueca (Brazilian seafood stew)
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Moqueca (Brazilian seafood stew)

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ginger-lime tuna with coconut quinoa
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ginger-lime tuna with coconut quinoa

brisket on sourdough with sriracha shaved brussels sprouts

brisket on sourdough with sriracha shaved brussels sprouts

there is a possibility that i spoke too soon about wanting winter to stay. i know this because over weekend, when a recipe arrived in my inbox from sweet tara for steamed buns that require three (3!!) ingredients for the dough, the only thing that prevented me from acquiring the required se

boreal gins staggered barnboard blog
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That time we started a distillery (plus a cocktail recipe)

boreal gins staggered barnboard blog

Spaghetti Sauce with Mushrooms and Garlic | Relishing It
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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with Mushrooms and Garlic

I’ve mentioned here before that my husband and I were high school sweethearts. We’ve been together for many years, and if there is one dish that describes “us”, it is this …

Raised waffles with Patterson Sugar Bush maple syrup
Slow MorningsWafflesBreakfastFood

Raised waffles with Patterson Sugar Bush maple syrup - Bowen Appétit

When I wrote a few weeks back about how much I love the slow mornings we try to wrest out of our week, I heard from many of you that you love these mornings as well, and that you too work hard to wrest them out of your weeks. This tells me two things – …

asian breakfast tacos

asian breakfast tacos — molly yeh

between the triple loop triple lutz triple axel thingies on the telly and the six quarts of muhammura that came out of my kitchen and the egg grandma birthday and the bit of jazz at the venue in a back alley, this weekend trumped a lot of other weekends. as of this weekend i have

Marbled Perfection by edithnicole, via Flickr

Because I Can't Wait for Two Rises: Shortcut Chocolate Babka

When I was a child, I grew up occasionally going to Noah's Bagels at the Capitola Mall. I like a bagel okay, and that was in the pre-meat days so I'd generally order one with hummus and a stack of fresh vegetables and pat myself on the back for being "healthy". While that meal sounds simple and fabulous right now because of the sheer nostalgia the memory of it conjures - it was fairly forgettable, and the primary reason I ordered it repeatedly was because, raised in a…

Valentine Cake
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valentine cake — molly yeh

Paella | Relishing It
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Seafood Paella

I’ve been wanting to share this amazing recipe with you for awhile now, and since Valentine’s Day is approaching I figure it’s finally time. I’m not sure why, but to me thi…

Single-serving orange-rum (or not) hot cocoa
Hot Chocolate With Cocoa PowderCupcake RecipesHot Cocoa Recipe

Single-serving orange-rum (or not) hot cocoa - Bowen Appétit

Hot cocoa is yet another thing I kind of forgot about when I lived in a warmer place. I like hot cocoa more than well enough, but it was never something that crossed my mind or presented itself as something functional, in the way that it does living here. Many nights over the past few months …

Arugula, Fennel & Salmon Salad
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Arugula Salad with Gravlax, Avocado & Pickled Fennel

A recipe for a fresh and healthy winter entree salad with gravlax, pickled fennel, orange, and avocado.