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a dining room table with chairs and pictures on the wall above it, along with potted plants
10 Stunning Ways to Decorate Your Dining Room Table
How to Decorate Your Dining Room Table | Apartment Therapy
a bowl of food with chopsticks and spoon on a table next to utensils
Editorial Headshots
Tori Ramen - Minneapolis food photographer
small oranges with crackers and leaves on them sitting in a glass bowl next to a teapot
How to Throw Febgiving
Sweet potato-stuffed oranges topped with rosemary orange shortbreads - Becca Dilley / Heavy Table
chocolate desserts are on a cooling rack with a wooden spoon next to it and a cutting board
How to Throw Febgiving
Gingerbread baked in a Nordic Ware nut pan and shortbread pan. Tasty as it looks. Becca Dilley / Heavy Table
two pans filled with food sitting on top of a table next to each other
How to Throw Febgiving
Artichoke dip served Minnesota and Wisconsin cast iron pans. From a stor containing everything you need to know to celebrate Febgiving, the North's new Thanksgiving-in-February holiday.
a person holding a wooden phone case in their left hand while others are eating at the table
How to Throw Febgiving
The magic of a custom branding iron: Behold, the Febgiving souvenir cutting board! Becca Dilley / Heavy Table
a man standing in front of a table filled with food
How to Throw Febgiving
A Febgiving spread, including sausage stuffing in Nordic Ware open baker, a roast turkey, and sweet-potato stuffed oranges with rosemary orange shortbreads. Sarah McGee / Heavy Table
a close up of a plate with food on it
How to Throw Febgiving
Sage cornbread turkey, set out on the table for Febgiving. Made from a Nordic Ware pan. Sarah McGee / Heavy Table
Branding a turkey for Febgiving! Sarah McGee / Heavy Table Turkey
How to Throw Febgiving
Branding a turkey for Febgiving! Sarah McGee / Heavy Table
the inside of a factory with copper pipes and large tanks in it's center
J. Carver Distillery of Waconia
A shot of the gorgeous interior at J. Carver Distillery in Waconia, by Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table
there are many different types of food items in this photo collage, including apples, orange juice, and muffin tins
Minneapolis-St. Paul and Upper Midwest Food Magazine // Feasting on the Bounty of the Upper Midwest
The Heavy Table Local Food Gift Guide is an avalanche of Minnesota/Wisconsin food-focused goodness.
a white plate topped with cinnamon roll on top of a wooden table next to silverware
Breakfast at Hen House Eatery in Downtown Minneapolis
The giant cinnamon roll at Hen House Eatery / Sarah McGee
four pictures showing how to make an egg in a bowl on top of some rice
A Big Night for Timpano
Making fresh pasta dough for timpano
the process of making cheese sticks is being performed by someone cutting them into small pieces
A Big Night for Timpano
Rolling the garganelli for timpano
a man in blue shirt preparing food on top of a counter next to other people
A Big Night for Timpano
How to flip a baked timpano