How 2 drive ur Mom crazy

The things that may drive your mother crazy

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How 2 drive ur Mom crazy

How 2 drive ur Mom crazy

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Your Sister Will Bear My Children !

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Sex To Children

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Children’s Slide

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Snow Men On Sale

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It's -74 °F (-59 °C) in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, And here is what it looks like inside an apartment building.

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Where am I in Team

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  • Anastasia Anderson
    Anastasia Anderson

    Oh, my gosh! That cracked me up!

Melbourne-based wedding photographer Lakshal Perera captured a once-in-a lifetime shot of the bride and her groom with the Milky Way in the sky above.

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sleeping bag

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Suit of armour hoodie

How 2 drive ur Mom crazy

Tree Tattoo

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Right-angle Kiss

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Love is......

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kissing the war goodbye

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Tim Cook is in Beijing.

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Super Cellphone, made in China.

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He'sgot wifi

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  • Xue Bai
    Xue Bai


Hatched in an incubator, orphaned burrowing owls Linford and Christie currently reside in the home of Jimmy Robinson, a wildlife park keeper at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England.

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  • Karen Davis
    Karen Davis

    this is so precious.


Angry Bird Space

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  • Caitlin Doolittle
    Caitlin Doolittle

    So cute!

  • Darrean Bost
    Darrean Bost

    @hailey please look at this in "AWE" (:

  • Audrey Dabbs
    Audrey Dabbs

    to cute

  • avery ruse
    avery ruse


  • ☮ ღ Lµßñå Jåmål ღ ☮
    ☮ ღ Lµßñå Jåmål ღ ☮

    so cute i want o kiss them

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A family request

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Alternative to chain maille.

going home to roost