I've had many loved ones who passed come to me in lucid dreams explaining how "ok" they are and laugh at how caught up in ego we are. They tried to explain how none of it matters and how the whole earthly experience is about just being and loving. 🌌

Very Inspiring & Motivational, when read Everyday ;) Discover who You are! Don't forget to Live Laugh & Love along the way...May God Bless you on your Journey of Life:) You only Live Once...So make it Special ;D

I'm a part-time writer who also loves reading (all kinds of genres), movies, music, and long discussions about meaningful topics with my friends over several glasses of wine. All the quotes on this site are marked with the author's name, except those...

I heard yesterday that if your having problems with someone to focus on their good qualities rather than the negative. Because whichever one you focus on more will be what you receive back from them. Sounds easy enough, going to do this as often as I can


Quote FYI: A man named Brigham Young said this to pioneers in Utah who had little as they escaped religious persecution during the half of the in the United States. He was their leader. It remains a common saying in that church today. will offer more info