Kris <3 asdfghjkl so cool (gif)

Here we have a gif of what my friend Chloe correctly refers to as 'Fairy Prince Kris'.


So according to this if EXO were in Hogwarts, Chanyeol would be in Slytherin. Which I don't mind cause he can 'Slytherin' my direction with his Twigger broom ;) A bit of cheeky muggle humour lol


[Fifty Shades of Grey Chanbaek Ver.] Baekhyun steps in for his roommate and he has to do an interview with the prominent businessman Park Chanyeol for their ca.

Chanyeol <3

When you dont understand why this boy could be cute yet hot at the same time

Exo - Chanyeol "I like you SOOO God damn much! please feel the same way"

Exo - Chanyeol "I like you SOOO God damn much!😭 please feel the same way"


10 gifs that describe your K-Pop experience - Hahaha! Definitely on point! And comment gifs are pretty much on point too!

they look like they are on a freaking runway and they’re owning the fashion show

Maknaes of EXO know not of the difference between the runway and a concert stage.


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Greetings, this is your captain speaking. I conclude this Chanyeol spam with this photo of fluffy Chan. I hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful evening.