Noragami Love this^^

so i have noticed something that this is a very popular pin and that it looks like to different animes which i agree what do you think it looks like noragami or kimi ni todoke?

Yukine | Noragami

I've only seen the anime, and I know it isn't enough to judge already, but I don't really like Yukine. But this pic is cute, so!<<<Yukine is adorable read the manga!

Yato and Yukine ~ Noragami

Yato and Yukine! XD i really love that cute fluffy version of yukine. kawaii deso<i like the so-done-with-yatos-shit yukine better XD

Yepp... If you watch it you know just how AMAZING this picture is

So beautiful, the reflection in yato's crying eyes is from Hyori and Yukine - Noragami

A true match of teamwork and friendship, what? Best friends DO start to turn into phantoms at times, but that's why they have a best friend to keep them grounded

The True Partnership Between A Regalia And A God. Yukine And His Master Yato

Hiyori, Yato, and Yukine (The book: the tale of Hiyori and the God Yato)

Noragami- Hiyori, Yato, and Yukine (The book: The tale of Hiyori and the God Yato).

8.10 | 右近 [pixiv]

I love the one with Yato with the cape and crown on his head XD, Yato and his dreams!