Homemade liqueurs and cordials

When in England recently, I was treated to a bottle of homemade sloe gin. It was divine! I learned that these tasty liqueurs are surprisingly easy to make. So far, I have tried raspberry and blackberry liqueurs and have given them away at dinner parties (at least, the one's I didn't drink). They were a huge hit. This year, I am going to make various types and give them away as Christmas gifts in pretty bottles with custom labels. If you make any, please let me know how it goes!
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Fermented Plum Brandy at FreshBitesDaily.com

Fermented Plum Brandy


Homemade elderberry cordial.

Get an early start on warming winter drinks - elderberry cordial


Homemade mushroom vodka. Not a liqueur, but I made this so wanted to add it to the board. I foraged black trumpet and chanterelle mushrooms and added three each to vodka and two months later, mushroom vodka! #umami #mushroom #mycology #fungi #vodka #blacktrumpet #chanterelles #cocktail

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Cranberry Liqueur

Cranberry Liqueur - Sidewalk Shoes


Crab Apple Liqueur

EKat's Kitchen: Crab Apple Liqueur


Apricot Liqueur

DIY Apricot Liqueur | Serious Eats : Recipes


How To Make Vin d'Orange — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

How To Make Vin d'Orange Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn


homemade christmas gifts | Sun and Glory

homemade christmas gifts | Sun and Glory


blueberry glögg

Green Kitchen Stories » Blueberry Christmas Glögg


Homemade; Licor de mandarina (Mandarin liqueur)

Licor de mandarina (Mandarin orange liqueur recipe)


apple liqueur. This sounds like homemade Kirsch...quite a kick. Willing to bet you could serve it over vanilla ice cream to lessen the punch.

Homemade Apple Liqueur


Homemade Rose Liqueur

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Homemade Butterscotch Liqueur

Simplicity and Libations for the Holidays | Wee Folk Art


Wild Violet Syrup. Next spring when the violets come up in my garden, I will definitely be making this. Hmmm. Could even be a homemade liqueur, with the addition of vodka.

Wild Violet Syrup | Kentucky Forager


This homemade liqueur makes a delightful holiday gift. Tie a pretty bow around the bottle and include a card with the recipe.

Chocolate-Coffee Liqueur


Chocolate mint cream liqueur.Delicious homemade liqueur with whiskey,chocolate extract and mint liqueur.

Chocolate Mint Cream Liqueur | Magic Skillet


Homemade Chocolate Liqueur

Homemade Chocolate Liqueur


Homemade elderberry liqueur

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Homemade Ginger Liqueur

DIY Ginger Liqueur | Serious Eats : Recipes


DIY: Liqueur

Homemade Quince Liqueur


Clementine Vodka

Living the Frugal Life: Experiment: Homemade Liqueur


Homemade liqueur with mandarines

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(with alcohol) I decided it would be a good idea to plant black currants.  I had never eaten black currants raw before, but I figured they had to be delicious, but the taste of the berries totally shocked me.  They were pungent! Only years later did I learn that cooking them brought out their sugars and deliciousness.

Homemade Cassis - Nutmeg Nanny


homemade liqueurs - lemon, fennel, tangerine

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Pomengranate homemade liqueur http://www.argiro.com.gr/Sweets/recipes/pomengranate-homemade-liqueur

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