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Why use expensive wallpaper when you can simply stencil your walls with this classic Duchess Damask! This elegant stencil pattern is perfect for DIY decor. Damask stencil patterns bring stylish elegance to any room.


Bring brilliance to decor - but glitz in moderation or it's just noise... fabric amazing love it in my dressing area evering but the floor marble instead old fashion couch or round velvit silver 3 way morror and a platform to stand on for semstress

DIY surfboard. I made a similar one a few years ago for a Hawaiian themed party. This one is made of wood, but I used blue rigid insulation foam. I have had great results painting styrofoam with acryllic paints. The vinyl is nice, but painting is somet

bathroom: metallic silver wallpaper or stencil + magenta painted ceiling.

Modern Bathroom Decorating with Beautiful Bathtub and Space Saving Shower