Sip Sip Hooray Valentine’s Day Silly Straw Craft Idea - FREE Printable - super cute non-candy classroom idea!

Sip Sip Hooray Valentine's Day Silly Straw Craft Idea

Pencil Arrows Printable Classroom Valentines

Pencil Arrows Classroom Valentines Printable

Pencil Arrows Printable Classroom Valentines - a free printable valentine's day card! Just pair it with a pencil and you'll have a darling (and practical) classroom handout for the kids! Best of all, it's candy free!

Such a fun gift to welcome students! Each student could have the same colored bracelet, or even grade, and then they would know their classroom community! More

"Our class would knot be the same without you friendship bracelets" Love this idea.get kids involved in tying the bracelets prior to start of school?

Have a Ball: This sugar-free card incorporates a bouncy ball for extra fun. Cut a large heart out of black or dark blue card stock. Use a craft knife (adults only) to cut a circle that's slightly smaller than the ball. (Tip: Make holes in scrap paper until you get the right size for your ball, then use that hole as a template.) Add stars and planets and your message with a gel pen. Insert the ball; it should fit tightly and stay in place.

Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

non candy Valentines whoopie cushions!! This is awesome!! Classmates would love this!!

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Non-Candy Valentines

Free Printable Whoopee Cushion Valentine -- hilarious for older boys who think valentines are silly

Print Class Valentines from home with these cute free printables that pair with non candy treats. Perfect for school Valentine's Day parties.

25+ Non-Candy Valentine Free Printables

Sports Valentine Printables for Soccer, Football and Baseball

Sports Valentines Printables - Candy Free Valentine Ideas

Free Printable Gummy Worm Valentines for kids - Free Gummy Worm Valentine Printables that are easy to put together and perfect for kids to hand out at their school Valentine's Day party.