...where better to keep your knives?

It is the best awesome knife block that I have seen. The Human Head Knife Block designed by .


Diana Eastman anatomy back tattoo (Though I love the idea of an anatomical tattoo such as this, I am bothered by the fact there are things that are out of place. Accurate portrayal, but doesn't match with the body of the person)

Fernando Vicente

There's been a flurry of anatomical posts recently here on Craftzine. And today, to add to the honorable collection, is Spanish artist Fernando Vicente and his magnificent vanitas collection.

Dancing in the Dark. #bloodletting

In this post, i have selected dark surreal artwork from digital art. Here are more than 30 creative photos of dark surreal art.

never to part

The Kiss (Le Baiser), New Mexico, is an image of a single autopsied head that’s been sliced in half down the middle, and posed as two separate beings locked in a kiss. [image by Joel-Peter Witkin]


Have you ever had the feeling of spitting out your own blood best feeling in the world.

staring into the sun, the rays repelled that filthy thing called flesh from her face

Skull Girls by our editor on illustrations Gerrel Saunders aka gaks designs

take everything but my heart

Jessica Harrison’s “Breaking” Series - breaking the convention of the porcelain figurine


(one of the least disturbing of dozens of weird images and old photos on this effed up German site.