Dan Lucas of Portland, Oregon carved this gorgeous skull from black walnut. He says, “The light spot at the top of the skull is an old rectangular nail totally embedded in the wood—I didn’t find it until I cut into the block.” Via SkullaDay

skull ou pieuvre

Great illustration of a skull and octopus hybrid. Skull by *KGBigelow on deviantART


Ancient Steampunk: Tibetan ritual skull with elaborate silver work and garuda on the forehead.


Artist JAMES HOPKINS creates SKULLS out of different household items he arranged on several bookshelves. His series entitled ‘Vanitas’ is a clever, modern take on this still life genre.


Kermit Tesoro Skull Heel Boots Rock the skull look with this edgy heels. Filipino designer Tesoro has designed this range of skull footwear for French designer, .

bird/ skull

"a billion heartbeats" - The Porcelain Sculptures of Kate MacDowell


Random photo of skull. Why can't i just take a normal picture of a spooky tree when i'm in a field walking through the by myself?

Rainy day

skull designs --There are loads of cool things you can create by dumping piles of ink on a page and then blowing on it with a straw.

my kind of #man  #minotaur

The application of skulls to fashion - 'Black Celebration' by Antonella Arismendi