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    Fall/Autumn Projects and Bulletin Board Displays

    Ideas for fall and autumn reading projects, creative writing assignments, and bulletin board displays.

    Fall/Autumn Projects and Bulletin Board Displays

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    These scarecrows with student photos are adorable.

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    Join up with the teacher next door to you and design autumn themed classroom doors beside each other. I love these two side by side autumn tree and scarecrow classroom doors!

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    I love this cheerful scarecrow classroom door design that is perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving themes.

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    I've "Fall-en In Love" with these 2 classroom doors that are side by side and decorated with autumn themes!

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    • Laurie Mitchell Gavin
      Laurie Mitchell Gavin

      Sharon Gerard

    "Happy Fall Ya'll!" I love this extra large scarecrow classroom door display that is great for Autumn!

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    "The Giving Tree," by Shel Silverstein, is a wonderful book to read your students in the fall and it's easy to create a colorful fall bulletin board display with your students' creative writing assignments. You can find lesson plan ideas for the "The Giving Tree" here: www.uniqueteachin...

    The Giving Tree Lesson Plans: Shel Silverstein

    I love how the teacher created the letters "LEAF" out of leaves. This is a great idea for a Fall bulletin board display that highlights reading.

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    • Alex Larson
      Alex Larson

      I know! I'm going to use it.

    • LaToya Duggins
      LaToya Duggins

      this is soooo cute!!! :) think ill try this!!

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      Linda Ryckman

      yes , I love this board, have to use it !!

    These crow (or raven) projects were made using paper bags and would be great to add to a fall bulletin board display with a scarecrow, fall leaves, and pumpkins.

    Puppet Crafts for Kids

    "Happy Fall Ya'll" is a fun title for a fall bulletin board display. I like the rake that this teacher has added to her display to give it an eye catching 3D effect.

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    • Teresita Hernandez
      Teresita Hernandez

      great idea!!! I love it!!!

    This is a colorful idea for a Fall classroom door display using owls (Whoo - Whoo's there?) and leaves.

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    A great way to create 3d fall trees.

    Pikadilly Charm: Paper Craft
    • gerrie clark
      gerrie clark

      used the idea went good with our fall boards.

    Creating a barn out of your classroom door is a creative idea for a classroom door display. I like how the teacher used hay and flowers with students' photos inside as part of her decorations.

    CLASSROOM DOOR DECORATION 2 | learningenglish-esl
    • Paula Lain McCulloh
      Paula Lain McCulloh

      For you kelsee

    "Fall Into a Good Book" using leaf writing templates is a great way create a fall bulletin board display that highlights reading.

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    This is a cute turkey project using 3-inch and a 6-inch craft foam balls that are cut in half and painted brown. Use yellow, orange, and brown tail feathers and glue sequins on them. Add wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners for the legs, and orange construction paper for the beak. These turkeys have a flat back, so they could also be added to a Thanksgiving bulletin board display to give it a fun 3 dimensional effect.

    Turkey Day Crafts for Kids

    "Candy Corn on the Cob" Cut out corncob shapes out of craft foam or heavy construction paper and paint them orange, yellow, and brown. Glue candy corn on them, punch two holes in the top of each ear and string a green ribbon through them to tie them all together.

    Turkey Day Crafts for Kids
    • Rochelle Purnell
      Rochelle Purnell

      What a great way to decorate..

    "Tree-rific Books" with a large tree with leaves and books in its branches is a great idea for a Fall bulletin board display that will encourage your students to branch out and read during the fall.

    Sharing the Shelves: Fall Bulletin Board Display

    "Something to Crow About in ____ (teacher's name) Class!" and large student scarecrow projects are great ideas for a Fall bulletin board display.

    Something To Crow About! - Fall Bulletin Board Idea

    "Fall In Love With ______" is a popular title for an autumn bulletin board display. This teacher has added student photos inside the leaves (along the top and right) and her tree and pumpkin patch are very eye-catching.

    Fall In Love With Learning! | Fall Bulletin Board Idea
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      J.J. Giles

      Or mission friends

    • Martha Fimbres
      Martha Fimbres

      Yes, it's Martha Fimbres! I am enjoying this bulletin board! I will display it outside of my classroom on the hallway's bulletin board for this Fall 2014. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

    These "Fall Tree Paintings" were completed by Grade 2 students.

    that artist woman: Fall Trees Version 2

    I love the gorgeous autumn colors in this fall bulletin board display of leaf projects designed by students.

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    The “owl collages” created by these 1st Grade students are adorable. They sketched their owl on the paper, tore up brown paper and glued it onto the body, then painted the eyes on an egg carton. For a fall themed bulletin board display and creative writing assignment, I’d add the title and writing topic “This Fall It’s a Hoot To Read!”

    Kindergarten - Art With Ms. Chiddo

    I know this picture isn't related to lesson plan ideas, but I love this gorgeous picture of fall colors from Chattanooga, TN. This must be one spectacular drive to do when the leaves are in full color like this photograph!

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    This teacher's use of fall colors makes her "We are having a HOOT this fall" bulletin board display very eye-catching.

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      Jen Gaines Clark

      I love this!!!

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      LaToya Duggins

      another cute idea!!!!

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      Wonderful Idea going to use it!!!!!

    "Whoooo Loves Books?" with owls and autumn leaves is a cute idea for an autumn reading bulletin board display.

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      love this idea!