Mother's and Father's Day Projects and Bulletin Board Displays

Ideas for Mother's Day and Father's Day reading projects, creative writing assignments, and bulletin board displays.
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Father's Day Craft - "Dad, You're Out of This World" Paper Plate UFO Craft from

Father's Day Crafts

Make "WOW" symmetry cards for MOM for Mother's Day.

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Mother's Day "WOW MOM" Card Craft

These bouquets of flowers are a great idea for spring or Mother’s Day.


"Mom/Dad, I'd roll out the red carpet for you any day!" is a unique folding craft stick project that could be used for either Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Father's Day Crafts

Mother's Day Craft Projects - "Mom, You Rock" is a cute idea for a Mother's Day paper weight using rocks. Moms will think that this gift from the child rocks!

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Folding Craft Stick: This is a unique idea for creating a Mother's Day Card.

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Since both MOM and DAD have three letters in them, your students could make accordion cards similar to this example for both Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Art Projects for Kids: 3rd grade

For this "Flower of Love" project, students use different colors of construction paper cut in the shape of their hand prints to create the petals of their flowers. Inside each petal, students write a reason why they love their mothers. Add a photograph of each student in the center of the flowers and green stems and leaves. These projects would make a very colorful Mother's Day bulletin board display with a title such as "Our Mother's Day Flowers of Love."

Mother's Day Flower of Love Craft

Students use their hand prints and footprints to create these "Mother's Day Flowers." The poem that is written in the petals says: "This little flower is special, you see, because it is made from parts of me. My hands and feet made each flower part, to show I love you with all my heart." These student flowers would make a lovely Mother's Day bulletin board display and I would write the poem in large print as the title for this bulletin board display.

Hand and Footprint Flower Craft

I love these simple but eye-catching "Mother's Day Hand Print Bouquets." These art projects would make a colorful Mother's Day bulletin board display with a title and creative writing assignment such as "A Bouquet of Love For Our Mothers."

Trendy TreeHouse: Mother's Day Bouquet

This is a cute idea for a Mother's Day activity. I would have my students create a larger version of these cards and include a creative writing topic and a title for a Mother's Day bulletin board display such as: "My Mother is Blooming Great!"

Special Valentines Moms Can Make for Kids

These colorful flowers could be created using paper cups. Having photographs of students in the middle of their "Mother's Day Flower Pots" would give this project a nice finishing touch.

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These "Hand Print Flower Pots" are a cute project for Mother's Day. I would have my students write adjectives about their mothers in the flower and/or stem areas.

ACPL Kids: Mother's Day Flower Pot

Using paper bags to create a shirt and tie is a cute idea for a Father's Day project. These 3 dimensional projects would look eye-catching on a Father's Day bulletin board display along with a creative writing assignment with a topic such as "My Dad is TIE-rrific Because ..."

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This is a creative idea for having your students designing cards to give their Dads for Father's Day. Have your students create "tool box" shaped cards that open to reveal a pocket area. Inside the pocket part of the card, students can include tools that describe why they think that their father is special.

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Children will enjoy creating a paperweight for their dad for Father's Day using small pebbles that spell out the message "Dad Rocks" or "My Dad Rocks!"

Dad Rocks Paperweight: Father's Day Craft - Crafts by Amanda

Students will enjoy creating a "candy bar wrapper" for their Dad for Father's Day. On the back of the candy bar, students can write the "special ingredients" that makes their Dad so sweet.

Father’s Day Candy Bar Wrapper Printables - The Idea Room

These "Folded-Shirts and Tie Cards" would make a very eye-catching Father's Day bulletin board display.

Father's Day Cards

Have your students design posters for Mother's or Father's Day by writing acrostic poems using the words M.O.T.H.E.R. and F.A.T.H.E.R.

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This is a cute design for a Father's Day card. Glue the pocket on the shirt just along the edges so that students can tuck a surprise message for their Dads inside the pocket area.

Fathers Day Cards: Shirt Pocket Cards

This "World's Best Dad Trophy" is a great idea for a Mother's Day or Father's Day project for your students to complete. The materials needed are easy to gather together: paper cup, toilet paper roll, cereal box, cardboard, yellow paint, and markers.

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: father's day

"Someday I Hope to Follow In Your Shoes" is a wonderful idea for a title for a Father's Day bulletin board display.

Father's Day Festivities!

"Mother/Father of the Year Magazine Cover" Students will enjoy designing magazine covers featuring their parents for Mother's Day or Father's Day. Inside their magazine, they can write an article describing why their parents deserve this special recognition. These magazine covers would make a fun idea for a Mother's or Father's Day bulletin board display.

The Polka-dotted Teacher: April 2012

Students design "Mother's Day Portraits" of their moms and write adjectives that describe their mothers for this project idea.

Lesson Plan SOS

Father's Day Door Hangers: The students created a portrait of themselves with their dad and glued it onto a door hanger.

1st Grade - Art With Ms. Chiddo