Heidi Wangemann
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Make your own nursery door latch cover so you don't wake the baby when you shut the door! Perfect baby shower gift!
Tree Wall Decal - Nursery Wall Decor - White Tree Wall Mural Sticker - Corner Blossom Tree decal Birds Birdhouse, Large: 93" x 70" - KC057
Drift wood mobile (make for adults with feathers, stones, wood)
Baby Birdhouse Lamp  I've just bought a plain birdhouse I could decorate to fit in with my little girls room
Cookie cutter Christmas pancakes - perfect for Christmas morning
Creative Spider and Bat Activities for the kids
9.) Water Jug Ambient Light
DIY Homemade Sun Jar: Create your own solar lights that store energy during the day and release light at night. These little lamps are adorable, easy to make and cheap to purchase; everything a DIY project should be.