Heidi Lodder

Heidi Lodder

An artist, a fitness fanatic, a nutrition nut and an all around Beautiful child of God.
Heidi Lodder
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Maintain your home with ease using our printable home-care checklists.

Keep neat stacks of linens from toppling. Make wooden dividers with shelf brackets (long side a bit less than the height of shelf, short side equal to or less than depth). Drill two wood screws into each bracket from the shelf’s underside to secure.

Free 15 page Home Inventory Worksheet printable

15 Free Printable Home Inventory Worksheets Watching your home burn down in a fiery blaze is a downer. Getting robbed kinda sucks too. Losing one’s personal possessions doesn’t just happen to other people, it can happen to you.

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Operation organization: 7 Habits of Highly Organized People Write Everything Down Keep Flat Surfaces Clear Find 'A Place for Everything' Never Leave a Room Empty Handed File, Don't Pile Purge & Declutter Often Make a Plan -- Systems and routines.