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    Buy a thrift store painting and "improve" it with a MONSTER!

    Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings

    Skateboard Deck Graphics, Grade 10

    High School Lesson Plan: Designing a Skateboard Deck Graphics

    favorite musician/band magazine collages, Grade 10

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    How to select a great topic for your art project - a quick guide for high school IB Art students

    Art Project Ideas: A Guide to Subject Matter Selection

    tesselated watercolor landscape painting, Grade 9

    Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Watercolor unit

    abstract art using transparencies, rubbing alcohol and alcohol-based ink

    Art @ Massac: Abstract Art

    class was given the task of taking animals and turning them into woven strips. Grade 11

    Make it Artwork : Woven together

    we took photographs of students posing as if they were erasing their faces. The students cut out an area of the photograph, glued the remaining portion of the photo onto paper, and used pencil to draw the missing portion of their faces.

    Lessons from the K-12 Art Room: Erasing (!)

    great tips and examples for drawing with a ball point pen

    alisaburke: grab a ball point pen

    abstract chalk/glue landscapes- gr.9

    Artwork published by Caylei4

    Zentangle Triptych- Gr.10

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    Mixed Media Painting- value still life painting on collaged newspaper background Grade 10

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    1 pt Perspective: Mixed Media Collage- Gr.9

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    Students learned the names of the major bones of the human body and drew from observation using small, 24 scale models of the human skeleton. They were to focus on correct proportions and using value to create the illusion of three dimensions.

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    Beyond The Border- watercolours and India ink- Gr.11

    Beyond the Border Art Lesson

    The student will use observational skills to draw a section of the skeleton model. They are to think in the terms of shape and form. The student will use a water base marker to outline then apply a wet brush to render the bones.

    Upper School Art (Grades 7-12): Skeleton Ink Drawing

    doodle landscape- Gr.10

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    Magazine page strips for background

    Feature Friday- Cut Paper Art

    Tips for mixed media pop art

    Bidt af billedkunst!: Tips til mixed media popart

    Paper Lace and Layers- 3 layers of paper

    Paper Lace and Layers

    fabulous three-color Collograph printing lesson has great photos and simple materials!!!!

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    Lino-prints inspired by the German Expressionist group "Die Brücke" Grade 9

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    This site has a very comprehensive syllabus, as well as individual units

    Surrealistic Me-Part 1

    Matisse-Inspired Tempera Resist- Gr.9

    Matisse-Inspired Tempera Resist ~ Artful Artsy Amy