Victorian Architectural House Drawings- Grade 7

Art at Becker Middle School: Architectural House Drawings

Overplapping Rainbow Leaves- watercolour pencils, Grade 8

The Lost Sock : Overplapping Rainbow Leaves

Topography Low Relief paper sculpture - Grade 8

Art @ Massac: Topography

Do you love Children? Why not volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and make a difference? Compass Painting ~ Fun art idea!

Compass Painting ~ Housing A Forest

1 Lesson 3 Ways: Stained Glass Windows

Art Intertwine: 1 Lesson 3 Ways: Stained Glass Windows

draw out your own cupcakes :)

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Value Still Life collage, grade 8

Octorara JHS ART: Value Still Life

DIY Wall Art from Magazines

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Collaborative paper sculpture using post-it-notes. Fold square in half, (sticky side together), fold back sticky side like a paper aeroplane, glue down.

Art projects at art shows - WetCanvas

Op Art inspired: the intention was to reproduce the images only with the construction of parallel vertical lines using a pen and varying only the thickness of the line

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Tree for all Seasons- mixed media

my artful nest: Tree for all Seasons

Medieval Egg Tempera Painting in the Middle School Classroom- super detailed post on how to do egg tempera painting- lots of great tips and hints.

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STUNNING Magazine Reed Collages- Grade 7

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!: Magazine Reed Collages

great lesson for showing movement in art using a jointed paper figure- can link to Futurism movement

ArteinM.A.Gia: Manichino in Movimento

Cubist Superheroes

Art Room 104: Studio Art: Cubist Superheroes!

Hand dyed paper with chalk pastel solar systems - grade 6

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crushed pop cans as eyes

Bidt af billedkunst!: Dåsekunst på Vabakool - Estland

painted) paper mosaic landscapes

Art With Mr Hall: Mosaic Landscapes

Intro to pastels for kids: blending with oil pastels. I teach blending, but have never offered an activity sheet to practice like this... It make be very useful for differentiation, to help students that may otherwise struggle with understanding blending. It could also act as a means of assessment to gauge their understanding.

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Make yourself into a playing card...

A Glimmer of Light: King and Queen of Hearts

Art and Sole: Doodled Hair

Art and Sole: Doodled Hair

Käthe Kollwitz Social Issue Print- Gr.8

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Eric Carle Sculptural Collage- Gr. 8

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Quilled Dogwoods and Cardinal- Gr.6

Art class ideas: Quilled Dogwoods and Cardinal

arteascuola: Three ways to shade - 5th early

arteascuola: Three ways to shade