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"In the Shadow" - Zhaoming Wu {artistic nude female human body woman anatomy figurative drawing}

Artist- emma leonard-

Mark Demsteader is one of the most popular and influential figurative artists in Britain today, Mark's drawings have a sensitivity and an unfinished quality that make them powerful, enigmatic and stunning

Mark Demsteader, Manchester, England

Black and white - woman - Mark Demsteader - figurative - painting

Young Lady in a Black Hat - Einar Jolin

"Young Lady in a Black Hat" 1917 by Einar Jolin (Swedish

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A selection of Alex Kanevsky figure and landscape paintings. Kanevsky is a Russian American painter.

Maud Coats  John Singer Sargent

1905 Maud Glen Coats, Duchess of Wellington by John Singer Sargent (private collection) From Wikipaintings