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    Capitalism does work.

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    In response to his comment to small businesses that they didn't build their own company...

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    Drugtesting for welfare? What a great idea! If you can afford drugs, you can afford your own groceries!

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    Half of America is on Food Stamps. I wonder how many also own iPhones.

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    • Coty Kern
      Coty Kern

      To the people who are knocking people on welfare..Do you have statistics? And if so would you post them? Not everyone gets a "check" and last I heard its not a "check" and further more, here where I am from we have to work to get that. Also you can get food stamps and still be busting your butt to pay for rent, clothes, etc. Just because you get welfare does not mean you cannot have nice things. Friends, family could be buying you gifts for Xmas ya know. Use your common sense and get informed. Unless you actually talk to that person who is in front of you at the grocery store and know what or the whys of their situation, you should really do some research or just simply be quiet.

    • Jennifer Davis
      Jennifer Davis

      Mrs Tot, I was laid off from a job I had for 11 and half years and planned to retire from. I am not the ideal age employers are looking for. It would have cost me more to drop my phone plan than keep it. I cut all that I could with the phone to the cheapest I could and waited for the plan expire then down sized. Even when I was getting paid good, I didn't take luxury vacations, and I still qualified for food stamps. I saved my money and me and my kids lived off that and some of my retirement for awhile. I got a temporary job that has ended and am back in the same rut...with nothing but food stamps to fall on. When their dad is working we get some child support and I get unemployment. But to you, I am a drain..Makes me feel like crap for working so hard for so many years. I am not valued by my employer or society. Good thing I have a healthy self esteem and can firmly say that you are an idiot and I hope you never have hard times.

    • ༺♥༻Simply SSG༺♥༻
      ༺♥༻Simply SSG༺♥༻

      I'm a single mom of two kids. I work a full time job and get no financial assistance what so ever. We stretch every penny we get to make ends meat and we live a simple life. I have a 21 year old that I am putting through college and a 9 year old that is going to school. Child support pays for my kids school activities and I do the rest. I downsized my cell phone plans and sold my phone for $250.00. It can be done the problem is most of these people want all the luxuries and refuse to downsize. We don't have everything but we live a happy life. It uspets me to see how many people abuse the system. The people that really need help don't get it because they are honest the others invent lies to qualify. I'm not against helping the needy I just refuse to help the LAZY.

    • Meghan Anderson
      Meghan Anderson

      For a single mom you sure think you know more about what other people have or how they got it.

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    Why is she still in politics? All she does is slander.

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    • Kristin Villani
      Kristin Villani

      Like her politics or not she is helping give girls better females to look up to instead of Hollywood

    • Kristin Villani
      Kristin Villani

      And let's be honest everyone in politics are out for themselves, not us

    • Dory Johnson
      Dory Johnson

      wish everyone could keep this negative politics off Pinterest. leave it on FB!

    • Jennifer Bolton
      Jennifer Bolton

      Dory Johnson and Jennifer Schnabel Brost I LOVE your comments!

    • Sarah Miller
      Sarah Miller

      Ummm kristin Villani examples please? Please do not say Sandra Fluke! And if this is true then why did they allow Eva Longoria, and Scarlet Johansson speak and the DNC?

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    Nuff said!

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    Hit like if you think Mom's run the economy.

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