Hepburn + Astaire // Funny Face

Funny Face (1957)

Funny Face Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. Astaire came out of retirement just to star in this film with Hepburn. Love this movie and this picture!

Great Escape Sammy Slabbinck

I like this Portrait because its showing a bridge that seems to be coming out of her mouth. My opinion its describing how hard it is from the inside since I see people walking on it, and I feel like one wrong move can break the bridge .

Bulgaria-based photographer Aneta Ivanova creates surreal and poetic images with double exposure photographic technique. Aneta Ivanova perfectly does that

David Shrigley

Diva bunnies and unicorn haters: David Shrigley is back!

Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Posters

Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Posters. Shigeo Fukuda (Poster advertising the artist's solo show in Tokyo)

David Shrigley is Fucking Ace

David Shrigley – Fucking Ace