Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics

Suzanne Sullivan on Instagram: “Illustrious! #porcelain #luster #brooklyn #hotbeveragedrinkingweather”

Marika Akilova, Raku bowls

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These DIY Polymer Clay Ring Bowls are fun to make and a great little diy gift to share too.

DIY Polymer Clay Ring Bowls - She Wears Many Hats

Etsu Noguchi

野口悦士展 ~種子島より~ 4日目

gerry wedd

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Claudia Claire

The World Service

A plate a day: 1497


Nathalie Choux...clever whimsical ceramic the tim burton animator of ceramics

the art room plant: Ceramics by Nathalie Choux

By Il Sung Na

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nathalie choux

nathalie choux

by Nathalie Choux . . . her artwork is so cute, with just a little bit of strangeness and darkness for an added bit of spiciness.

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nathalie choux

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Nathalie Choux. - Lucky Pony

An original ceramic work by Lisa Ringwood entitled: 'Wagtail and Aloe (green round platter)', ceramic, d 35cm. For more please visit #ceramic #LisaRingwood #Ceramicist #SouthAfricanArt #SouthAfricanArtist #ChineseCeramics #InteriorDesign #Decor #Decoration #Landscape #Fauna #Flora #Birdlife #VOCware #WagTail #Aloe

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bella-illusione: I love these mugs! I want them.arrowandsage:My big, shiny, beautiful new kiln is up and firing like a boss. I can’t even. Cannot. // Chugging along on this Monday.

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Michelle Maher's stoneware (cone 8) paper clay recipe inspired by Henry Pim's demo at International Ceramics Festival 2005. 2 parts crank clay body : 1 part paper pulp (I use 3 ply toilet roll) + 1 ml pure tea tree oil for each toilet roll used - slows down rotting! I get up to 6 months from a batch. I've been using this recipe for 10 yrs, firing to 1260 C and it's a fantastic clay body - very plastic, light, glazes well - but you must VENTILATE YOUR KILN CORRECTLY!!

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Diy Photo Transfer on Beach Glass. Direct link to Tutorial is here:

photo transfer


井内素さん : うつわノート

Ceramic Arts Daily – Pottery Video of the Week: Applying Decals to Glazed Pottery and Ceramics - can laser print custom images onto special 2-layer decal paper.

Pottery Video of the Week: Applying Decals to Glazed Pottery and Ceramics

( - Susan O'Byrne

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Helena Scheibe

Ruan Hoffmann. An artist by trade,Ruan Hoffmann has turned to working with ceramics over the past 14 years. He uses the three-dimensional surfaces of plates, bowls, tile panels and small sculptures as canvasses for his icon-like images. His art is often infused with personal concerns about identity and sexuality.

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Upcoming Restock – Suite One Studio

Upcoming Restock – Suite One Studio

Frankford clay pit, bddw




Las preciosas y originales piezas de cerámica de la pequeña marca americana BDDW.                                     — BDDW ceramics

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