Adventure themed DIY notebook gift

This adventure notebook is the perfect DIY gift idea for everyone from hostesses to teachers to kids! So simple to personalize. Just not adventure

DIY: lace patterned notebook

DIY: Lace pattern on a notebook. Cover a notebook with lace and hold it in place with clear packaging tape. Spray the lace with any color fabric spray paint. After it dries, remove the lace.


Stitches and Sewings for Bookbinding Structures – Knowing a little bit about basic book binding can't hurt, esp.y when recycling/reusing things like paper bags

bookbinding: japanese sewing

Bookbinding Instructions #3

Another for Cadettes earning their Book Artists badge: bookbinding instructions japanese sewing merge leon


Pawling Print is stoking my love for chipboard with their oh so chic, modern, mini geometric patterned notebooks. Love the beautiful patterns and the black ink on chipboard! The notebooks are x and feature recycled chipboard covers.

BEYOND WORDS: Mandala Journal Tutorial

BEYOND WORDS: Mandala Journal Tutorial - finally! This is amazing instructions for binding your own journal! A wealth of information!

DIY: book jackets

DIY Book Jackets Tutorial - a great way to add some handmade details to your zine!