Mehmet Ali Uysal (Turkish, ) - Skin Built for the Festival of the Five Seasons in Chaudfontaine Park, which lies on the outskirts of Liege, Belgium, a giant clothespin sculpture appears to be holding on to a mound of dirt and grass.

The Vibrant & Colourful murals of Lakwena Macliver @CDWfestival #cdw16 #typography #art via @MHD_Studio

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❤️ what a beautiful mural😍we Were Good today/before we will be great/bt &co😊 did you washed your Black Big Cat. I washed my Black horse so she is alm ost White again🐴kram!



Wood Furniture & Decor :: Modern / Traditional Wood Chair Bench, Public Seating / Bench / Stool, Installation Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz, “Stuhlhockerbank” in Nullpunkt.