Lipari, Aeolian Island, Sicily.

Lipari, Aeolian Islands, Sicily - Isole Eolie, Sicilia by Giuseppe Finocchiaro. funny thing is im anchored right off this island right now.

The Wiggle, Montechiello ~ Tuscany    love the trees

The Wiggle, Montechiello , Tuscany, Italy. We found some gorgeous roads in Tuscany with fabulous hairpin turns. Tuscany in the shoulder season is great for enthusiastic sport car drivers.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic. One of the most iconic landmarks in Prague, the Charles Bridge dates back to the century. Just got back from this great city, and we highly recommend adding it to your places to see!

Pongua Falls, Vietnam - breathtaking

Monks meditating at the Pongour falls, Vietnam Photograph by DANG NGO. Also known as the 7 layers waterfall, Pongour Falls is located just outside of Dalat (Lam Dong province)

Glacier National Park, Montana

The Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA, is one of the most scenic road experiences! If you haven't been on this road then you haven't been to Glacier Park!

Casa Talia, Modica, Sicile

Casa Talia in Modica (Sicily, Italy). In the Sicilian dialect "talia" means, "Look!