Welcome to Helen's festival of food and drink....

Let's make this board all about food photography,food styling,table decor and beautiful drinks. Thank you.
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DIY Centerpiece/cupcake stand ideas--use a tin can base, glue on a pretty pie plate, glue in a small cake stand (or a candle holder and a tea cup saucer) and then fill in with cupcakes and flowers

Valentine's Dinner  Fresh Basil and Sliced Tomatoes for a Caprese Salad

Valentine's Day Salad

Use heart cookie cutters to make heart shaped mozzarella cheese then then pair them with sliced tomatoes, basil leaves, & drizzled balsamic vinegar for the perfect Valentine caprese!

Valentine Cocktail

The Giggly Rose 🌹 made with Bunch of mint, leaves picked Petals of 3 unsprayed roses, plus 6 small unsprayed roses to garnish 3 shots gin cup lemon juice Ice cubes, to serve bottle sparkling white wine, chilled Rose syrup: caster sugar 1 Tbsp rosewater


Cuisinart Art Of cooking Pinch Cake Lemon Mousse Strawberry Trifle Eat By Season Best Pumpkin Pie I love Italian food!

Crafty Mason Jar Decorations

Mason Jar Centerpieces Tied Together; gold and teal ribbon with white flowers - inspiration! My vintage blue jars tied together with the dark blue lavender in them for my centerpiece on the dining table!

Table set with pink floral tablecloth for a summer afternoon tea party in a garden. So pretty.

Valentine Sushi

Valentine's day idea - Beautiful, romantic, and tasty! Heart-shaped Sushi (Spicy tuna with crunch roll wrapped in fresh tuna)

Valentine Sweet Tea pink, chocolate and strawberry rose tea, (Emma's Perfect Match) from Bingley's Teas Shower

Beautiful Garden party in the forest with an ornate wood gazebo adorned with pink curtains. In the path is a lovely table and chairs decorated with pink and flowers ready for fun!


Strawberry Mascarpone Tart ~T~A creamy filling of mascarpone, low fat milk, honey, vanilla and lemon zest. So yummy.