Hella Peters
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If you can't decide whether to make a tart or crumble then make this fabulous rhubarb and custard crumble tart which combines the two desserts.

pea and pasta salad with smoked salmon and crème fraiche

mozzarella and basil-stuffed chicken with summer slaw

This recipe of soft, pillowy gnocchi baked in a creamy blue cheese mushroom sauce is a great dinner for a cold winter's night.

The tasty Italian-style stuffing, made with spinach and pancetta, ensures that the chicken stays succulent.

This recipe for a classic American macaroni cheese is a family favourite and can be cooked from frozen.

Food writer and cook Ivor Peters shares his grandfather's recipe for this first class beef curry. The aromas of cinnamon and cardamom conjure nostalgic memories of his childhood.

When you fancy a chilli con carne but don't have the time for slow cooking- this is the recipe for you.