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my dreams are all Atlantis

raven for mah pal andre’s birthday!

...And back again

you will not be the same. I think it really captures the weight that Bilbo carries at the end compared to his light-heartedness at the beginning.


Bilbo Tooth brought me up on this book. I can picture his battered hardback, loose-paged and dog-eared, waiting on a shelf for him to read it to my children one day. Dani x

Legolas after The Battle of the Five Armies

mymultifandomworld: “ Art by Phobs ” request I did some time ago хЪ Some anon asked Aragorn + Legolas, and that was the only thing I could draw about them after last Hobbit movie хЪ

Punz is a super hero and Jack is a super villain

superhero rapunzel - such a cute idea. JackVsRapunzel by Vynndetta on DeviantArt


To me jack frost is a dreamworks version of peter pan but with ice powers.<<It is kind of like that.


When this guy’s beautiful hair and beard were too much to handle. ((Actually elves can grow beards; they just choose not to)

Miyazaki’s take on Good vs. Evil…

"The Flawed Concept of Good and Evil" - Hayao Miyazaki on North American animated movies - You must learn to see with eyes unclouded by hate