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Sarah Hellemann

Sarah Hellemann
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I think that lack of consistency brings on interest. If you don't always do the same thing than its far more interesting

Disney Humor

Frozen harry potter awesomeness, elsa is much braver and nicer then draco malfoy though<--- BUT DRACO IS SO HOT

The Music Sorting Hat (Search results for: Saxophone)

The Music Sorting Hat (Search results for: French horn)<<<<< Nope nope nope, just shut up

Harry potter puns

These magical household items. Omg I'm naming household items now!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics

Funny pictures about Honest Valentine's plans. Oh, and cool pics about Honest Valentine's plans. Also, Honest Valentine's plans.

Harry potter humour

Dumbledore taking gas: Expecto Petroleum! - Funny man looking like Dumbledore from Harry Potter taking gas to his car at a gas station.