Classroom 5 sentence story with illu. for HW due Fri. make them summerize story

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Allow parents and students the opportunity to get to know their teacher better by giving them this Editable Meet The Teacher Night Handout at Open House, or send home on the first day of school with your welcome packet.

Meet The Teacher Night Freebie

States & Capitals/Presidents Bookmark | Additional photo (inside page)

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I will start each morning on a positive note #LittleBlackBox #DreamfieldsPinterestContest #HealthyPasta #DreamfieldsPasta

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Free writing journals

Free Writing Journals (and Paper)

Positive Mind, Positive Vives, Positive Life Print

Positive Mind, Positive Vives, Positive Life Print

wall quote - Stop Wishing Start Doing

Jumbo popsicle sticks + wood burning = a fun & unique set of playing cards!

Popsicle Stick Playing Cards


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KITKA NEEDS TO REMEMBER THIS and get over it being my defense mechanism. Think about these words. I am in love with this quote. Slow down people. Enjoy life; let your kids enjoy life. Play outside. Be home and chill.

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#Pinterest #Quote #Other I mainly chose this because of the quote. The "chaotic" background represents the millions of ideas that creative people have in their head.....yup this pretty much sums that up!

Siobhan Jay Illustration
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Exactly #JohnLennon

kaleidoscopic vibrations

Be happy, it drives people crazy

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Smile, by Ginger Oliphant

Smile Art Print by Ginger Oliphant at
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MAKE THE DATE: This is from our old calendar board. I just added a strip of velcro onto it so that we can display the date in coins. For example, on the photo to the left it is April 28th. So, there is 28 cents displayed on the board. Notice the extra coins hanging on a strip of velcro on the side. FYI, there are velcro dots on the back of the coins so that the kids can practice with real money.

Mama Jenn: Calendar Time

Place Value

The Destitute Teacher: place value

Spotlight work on stage bulletin board-great for our theme (who's the greatest)

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Blogging, Teaching and Second Grade... Oh My!

Blogging, Teaching and Second Grade... Oh My!

LOVE this idea! Am going to do it with each of my classes before the end of the year.

We Are Teachers